Quamby Plains Poll Herefords

Quamby Plains Poll Hereford Stud was founded in 1973 to produce top commercial bulls for Quamby Plains’ own commercial herd. The stud was founded with 6 top cows in calf from Valmont Stud of L.A Stuart. Quamby Plains later secured top bloodlines from Kelendon & Montlea  Stud dispersals. These stud families still remain very influential today.

Quamby Plains embarked into BreedPlan very early in its history and has remained a great believer in BreedPlan and its Estimated Breeding Values.

Quamby Plains has purchased over the years some great sires out of old Sydney Royal and Dubbo National.

The Stud runs an Artificial Insemination programme each year to use the best bulls the stud thinks will enhance commercial value of their herd bulls. Hence maintaining and improving the fertility, growth, muscle and milk.

Quamby Plains runs a commercial herd of 150 cows and this is run in conjunction with the 140 Stud cows and 40 Stud heifers. All cows must rear a calf every year and heifers calve at 2 years of age.

Quamby Plains in 2013 showed bulls for the first time in 30 years at Dubbo National. This was highly successful with the stud achieving Reserve Junior Champion bull- OPCG838.

Quamby Plains in conjunction with the Chester Stud hold an annual bull sale every year.

Current Sires are:

Allendale Washington - AEDC77
Allendale Advantage - AEDE14
Wirruna Callan - WNAC26
Quamby Plains Brigadier - OPCB355
Otapawa Spark 3060 - OTA033060NZHB
Holy Smoke - OSA281070390NZHB
Days Calibre - DAYG74
Elite Revolution 4R G241 - KMPG241
MSU TCF Revolution 4R – MIH4RAPR